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I discovered Yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, at the age of 16 years.
My hyper flexible body and my youthful rashness already knew at the time that I will dedicate my life to learning and exercising Yoga.
But life always has its own plans, which made me find my way to Yoga through years of dance learning, different styles of body work, pedagogy and fire art. I have always combined these various practices with Yoga, before I did my first Yoga training.

My highly esteemed teachers and mentors in Berlin were Petra Prossowsky (teacher of Hatha Yoga and creator of a concept that integrates Yoga into the daily life of primary schools in Berlin) and Stefan Datt (Sivananda, physiotherapist and Founder of the Yoga Festival in Berlin.
Besides, I was several times in India to study Yoga amongst the Sivananda swamis, who taught me to teach Yoga, and I had a special training in Kundalini Yoga (SwamiSivanda Sarasvati ) In a small ashram in Goa.

I am a passionate teacher of dance, body work (especially working on body muscles and around the spine) and I love the art of fire.
But by returning to my origins in Yoga, I am creating a program that unites different styles of Yoga and dance with knowledge about the chakras.
I am happy and proud to introduce my new school, which is not linked to any place: « Inner Peace Academy » (« l’académie du paix en soi-même »).
Students can do 200 hours of training to be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, which targets the peace of oneself for future teachers and their students.
This is certified by the International Yoga Alliance in India.

My style of Yoga:

I have been teaching the body since 1985, dancing since 1995 and Yoga since 2006.
The philosophy of Yoga influences me a lot, because it helps to develop peace and freedom in oneself.
The Yoga philosophies that inspire me most are Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga. And I like to combine different schools of Yoga, like Hatha, Sivananda and Kundalini Yoga.
With all my experiences, which are found in every Yoga class, I can assure you to always work on a healthy body shape, which will improve your outfit also in everyday life. My style of Yoga and very pragmatic and a benefit for the body, mind and soul.
Welcome to my classes! I am delighted to share my knowledge and experiences with you.
Concepts for special courses for professional sportsmen and combat sports athletes are currently being created. On the formation of Kundalini Yoga

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Here you have access to a kind of Yoga that is very authentic, intense and spiritual - old knowledge in new dresses.
You have the opportunity to heal yourself and the world with the mother of all Yoga styles: Kundalini Yoga.
Through the experience of the chakras and the energy of life (Prana) you will discover your strength in yourself.
You will be surprised by the development of your attention, the well-being of your body and your consciousness.
You will feel more relaxed and closer to yourselves. You transform your life to have more self-determination, what you will be able to share with you students


Yoga, Which exists for about 5,000 years, is a system of exercises to achieve health and unity of the body, soul and spirit. The origin of the word "Yoga" and Sanskrit and means among other things "unity".
The positive effects of Yoga are proven by several scientific studies.
Yoga lends itself to the compensation of everyday work, stress and a long time sitting.
Yoga increases vitality through exercises for the body, breathing and for relaxation and supports the forces of self-healing and leads to inner peace.
The lessons contain : Asanas (of the positions), Pranayamas (exercises of breathing), Of the relaxation of the bottom And meditation.

The Fusion Tribal Dance:

Tribal Fusion is a new style of dance that combines oriental dance moves with Yoga. "Tribal" comes from the English word "tribe" (common). This dance can be danced alone or in groups. Tribal Fusion combines oriental, Indian, flamenco and folk dance movements from northern Africa, as well as elements of modern gypsy dance and hip hop. A well muscled and flexible body is important for this dance style. This is accomplished by practicing Yoga and Pilates exercises during class.

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The Pilates method is a system of movements that is concentrated to the muscles of the bottom in the region of the belly and the back. Strengthens muscles, coordination, breathing and maintaining the body in a gentle way. By doing these exercises regularly the body degrades contractions, which leads to an improvement in body control. This method is appropriate for everyone, no matter what age or physical condition.
Yoga and Pilates (mixed) : The stretching and firming exercises of the Pilates method are ideal for strengthening the body. The element of Yoga meditation allows you to rest in a focused way. It is a program that combines firming and stretching exercises with breathing exercises, relaxation and pelvic floor training.

Yoga - Dance - Pilates:

A flexible and sensual body and an important source of strength. The belly dance draws the whole body in a gentle and detailed manner and harmonizes the psyche by its positf influence on feminine self-esteem.
The courses contain Yoga and Pilates exercises and in a second part the oriental and tribal dance. The muscles stretched and strengthened are well integrated into the dance. In addition there are exercises of breathing, relaxation and pelvic floor.

Fire game:

In our fire game course we learn techniques of swinging torches, using fan, cuts and fire by hand and techniques to play peas and to turn the stick and double-stick.
In addition we can offer to give an introduction to the construction of fire toys and information on safety measures and fire protection.
Kundalini Meditation / Trance Dance Meditation / Chakra Meditation / Kundalini Reiki
"Kundalini Yoga relies on the energy of life by directing it inside. In Kundalini Yoga several techniques are developed to lead the body and mind to a state in which transcendence becomes possible and everything can change. The body changes, the mind changes, life changes. It is simply life "Osho.
1. Kundalini-Four-part dynamic meditation 60 minutes
2. Rotation dervish / Zaar (dynamic) 60 minutes
3. Chakra dance + meditation "the journey through the chakras" 90 minutes
4. Initiation Kundalini Reiki or rebalancing the chakras 60 minutes

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